'First class, wonderful team, look forward to coming again.'
'The venue was great and fantastically organised... more of the same please! Everyone was impressed with the warm welcome!'
'It was a well organised and successful event.'
'Very well organised and a contender for any mainland exhibition I've been to in the larger cities.'
'Overall, the conference had something for everyone and, of course, the most fantastic venue in Orkney and I look forward to returning in 2003.'
'The level of knowledge / interest in the local community is already staggering compared to other parts of Scotland.'
'It is a bit remote from the mainland, but very worthy of support.'
'Access is an obvious negative but every other aspect is so positive that it ends up being very good.'
'It was a good overview of the industry.'
'Excellent conference, interesting and well organized.'
'It's good. Don't get carried away. Keep it simple and friendly and it will serve its purpose well.'
“Well organised”
“Excellent value”
“First visit and very likeable”
“Thank you, a week well spent”
“Very good but too long”
“Well done – re-inforces Orkney’s position & potential”
“Keep them coming!”
“Steep learning curve”
“Excellent conference”
“Flow of beer very good”
“Well Done!”
“Very useful for community groups as a “crash course” in renewables, also as a talking shop for ideas”
“This was an excellent conference for insight into marine technologies.”
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